Pebas, A Much Awaited Site

After leaving Puququillo we met with two other communities to either entice them to work with CECAMA, or check on their progress. It was a good opportunity to draw more people, but the excitement of Pebas was weighing heavily on my mind.  Long awaited luxuries including salad, running water, electricity dependably from 6-11, and internet cafes, were much enjoyed. We walked up to the highest point of the city, an incredible winding home owned by the famous artist Grippa. His home is now a museum for his work. His wild abstract paintings, and large vivid animals have even been featured on the cover of Time magazine. In one of the top towers were huge bay windows where you could look in to see his studio. The amount of natural light would make him the envy of any artist. It was spectacular. Climbing down from Grippa’s towers Campbell and Yully set out for another village meeting, and Luke and I went walking across all of Pebas. We ventured the markets finding some great floral shorts. At the top of the hill in the center of town we sat in a church, it was a beautiful reflective moment. Once we met back up with Campbell he took us to a Chicken restaurant, and told us there was a fun Discotheque we could check out while there was electricity tonight. Analyzing that my wardrobe was not dance chic, we scoured the markets finding me a bright rainbow sparkly tube top, and leggings with cutout butterflies. Zipping across town in a motocar  we found the disco to be closed, but found a loud and strange video bar we chose to make the most of. It was merely us and three other men, one of whom was dancing. After two weeks of restraint Campbell and I could wait no longer to cut loose, apparently Luke could practice restraint. A great end to this chapter of our journey.

We awoke this morning to find we had not reached the end, nowhere close. Our lancha had broken down, and was not coming. We are not sure when the next one will come. We have heard rumors of a rapido coming, but it will be three times the cost to reserve last minute seats, which cannot be guaranteed. It seems to be the only option, so we’re taking our chances, and giving them all our money. When the rapido came it only had one seat available, with Yully’s kidneys acting up we sent her ahead with some of the gear. Campbell, Luke and I are stuck in Pebas for who only knows how long. So we checked back into our hotel, but just as we did a new Lancha arrived! It was towing our first expected and empty Lancha, and so we quickly jumped aboard to spend the next twenty plus hours on a nearly empty Lancha. I am so grateful, but what a whirl-wind experience. We spent the night making friends with the kids on the Lancha, and playing cards, and chess.

View from Grippa's house

View from Grippa’s house

Peru June-july 2013-1 1584


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