Back Down the River we Begin

This morning departure was not quick, but it was happy. It seemed like artist after artist poured into Javier’s home and pushed the last of their woven goods on us. Before we could leave we went with the village president to the newly finished Pharmacia, and ceremoniously gave him the keys. Using their social rebate money from CECAMA (aka CACE) the citizens of Brillo Nuevo chose to build a pharmacy. It was quite humbling to witness. I of course had many small friends to say good bye too. I probably grew closest to the children here, as we would play often. We most enjoyed making Guinea Pig noises and tickling each other, which seemed a fitting way to say goodbye. Finally we departed in a canoe, and began our journey back to Nueva Esperanza. We spent a quite afternoon gliding along napping under our out of place satin floral umbrellas and snacking. Once we arrived we were welcomed back into Gloria’s home, and after unloading everything, even the generator, off the canoe, we enjoyed the rest of our evening playing volleyball and Frisbee. Before dinner Javier and I paid a guy 5.50 soles to whack 6 coconuts out of a tree. (One soles is roughly .50 cents). It’s incredible to eat a coconut so fresh! My hope is to climb a coconut tree to harvest one before we leave. Before bed we got a nice river bath, and continued our nightly ritual of wiping ourselves in rubbing alcohol and Caladryl. The bugs here are quite ferocious, and the thought of a running shower is quite motivating. Tomorrow back into the canoe for more village meetings.

La Pharmacia of Brillo Nuevo

La Pharmacia of Brillo Nuevo


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